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i'm marissa. :D

things you will see on my blog include: harry potter, the beatles, fullmetal alchemist, supernatural, the beatles, doctor who, glee, and really just anything i feel like. also me complaining. that's a big one, oops.

my face, if for some reason you want to see it

my other half, michelle, and posts in which i talk about her

"I’m a quasi-only child. With my brother and sister, I’ve more of a tendency to be semi-maternal. So, yes, I spent a lot of time talking to myself—I had this big dressing-up box and would just dress up as lots of characters and talk back to myself… Verging on schizophrenia, I suppose, if you analyse it carefully."

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Popular shops in Hogsmeade

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There is someonethat I always wanted to meet.

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↳” even her, she has the eyes of a killer too” FMA:B episode 30

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Animals that are patiently awesome.

Oh the last one!!

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